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The father had stepped on a nail, and had what Burt described as a festering wound, on the bottom of his foot. He also had diabetes that had gone untreated for over a decade. Burt said he believed the reason the father had never been set up with a care program beyond the Emergency Room was that he was undocumented, and would therefore have to pay all costs out of pocket. Both Burt and Berlinger spoke about the fact that the majority of care undocumented patients are able to access comes from the ER, which go now means they often arent seen until they have a medical emergency. Berlinger said patients may also be aware that theyll be asked fewer questions under emergency conditions. At U.Va. we are an epicenter for undocumented Latino patients, from many, many areas, Burt said. On their way here, they may pass by seven or eight perfectly good emergency departments, but theyve been directly or indirectly made aware that if you come to U.Va., they can get care. A 1986 law, the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, mandates that anyone who enters an ER must be screened, and if they are diagnosed with an emergency condition must be treated until stable. The law also says that anyone going through labor must be treated at least until the baby is delivered. EMTALA does not, however, provide funding. States have what are known as emergency Medicaid mechanisms, under which hospitals that treat people under EMTALA and then find out the person is uninsured or otherwise unable to pay can apply for reimbursement. Emergency Medicaid mechanisms do not reimburse follow-up care or long-term plans, so many uninsured, especially the undocumented, end up going without.

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