Locating The Answers For Picking Significant Issues Of Interview

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Their beauty makes passersby pause to take a look. If visitors have more time, they can read short explanations, written with the help of Clinical Center scientists and printed on cards next to each specimen, about the mineral/medicine connection. Some play key roles in keeping people healthy, while others have been used in creating medicines or in medical equipment. Among the notable specimens on display: Spodumene, a translucent, pale pink pointed column of a mineral from Afghanistan from which lithium carbonate, used to treat bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses, is extracted. The most important source of lithium worldwide is saline groundwater, in which the mineral builds up over time by the weathering of rocks that contain it, but about a quarter of the worlds lithium comes from ores, and the most important lithium ore is spodumene. In 1969, Clinical Center scientists showed in a double-blind trial that lithium was effective for treating depression and mania. The Food and Drug Administration approved lithium a year later, making the United States the 50th country to allow the drug on the market. Pyrite, or fools gold, from Spain, looking like a tiny, sleek modern sculpture. Pyrite, composed of iron and sulfur, is cheap and abundant and is a key component of some nanotechnologies, but geochemist David Rickard, PhD, an emeritus professor at Cardiff University in Wales and an adjunct professor at the University of Delaware, gives it credit in his Pyrite: A Natural History of Fools Gold for originating the industrial production of medicines. Rickard notes that when pyrite is dropped into fire, it forms sulfur oxide gases, which can clear stuffed-up noses.

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